Monday, January 12, 2015

Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract PLUS Detox Cleanse

Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract PLUS Detox Cleanse
So this is what the company claims about Pure Carcinia Cambogia Extract Plus DetoxCleanse:

·         YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT FASTER USING A COMPLETE FAT BURNING SYSTEM...It's a proven fact! - Just using Garcinia alone won't do it...YOU NEED THE ULTIMATE WEIGHT LOSS/APPETITE SUPPRESSANT BUNDLE!- High Potency Garcinia Cambogia Advanced working synergistically with Gentle Slender Cleanse Advanced. Together they will Deliver Safe, Effective, Convenient and All Natural Fat Burning Weight Loss!!!
·         AS SEEN ON TV Doctor's "Miracle Fat Burner in a Bottle" FULL STRENGTH Garicina Cambogia Advanced and the Perfect Gentle Colon Cleanse of Slender Cleanse Advanced for your PERFECT Slimming 1-2 PUNCH! ***MAXIMUM-STRENGTH FORMULA DIET KIT FOR FAST RESULTS***
·         BURN AWAY STUBBORN BELLY, BUTT AND THIGH FAT! While relieving bloat and puffiness. Yet STILL Has Less than 5% Caffeine for "Jitter-Free" - MAXIMUM Weight Loss, Energy Boost, Better Fitting Clothes and A General Sense of Calm Well-being!
·         100% ALL NATURAL EASY TO SWALLOW CAPSULES! That Contain a FULL 60% HCA-Absolutely NO Fillers, NO Binders, NO Artificial Ingredients, GLUTEN-FREE, Made in the USA in a FDA Certified and GMP Approved State of the Art Facility!
·         NO QUESTIONS ASKED A TO Z MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! A $99.95 Value SALE PRICED at Only $39.99 - - Get The Body That Will Make ALL Of Your Friends Jealous

In my never ending quest to find the ‘Perfect’ Diet pill, I once again hit upon a product that did not live up to its claim.  Even with a low calorie diet with moderate exercise, I saw absolutely no results as I took this product as directed.  When I read other reviews on this product, it seems to be hit or miss on whether the product works.  Sadly for this reviewer, the product is a fail and one that I cannot recommend.

This product was provided to me at no cost in exchange for an honest review.