Monday, January 12, 2015

Will's General Hair Growth Vitamins

Will’s General Hair Growth Vitamins

Who doesn't want thicker, fuller hair?  I know I do!  As someone who suffers from Hypothyroidism, hair loss is a daily frustration, so when I had the opportunity to receive this product at no cost in exchange for an honest review, I was extremely happy to give them a try!

Here is what the company claims:

Supports Hair Growth
ALL-NATURAL Ingredients Hair Growth Pills
Stimulate Vibrant and Healthy Hair Growth Production
Natural Thicker, Longer, More Vibrant Hair
Natural Hair Growth Vitamins

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The ingredients:

So….what did I think?

About the product.......
If anything, Will’s General Super Hair Growth vitamins are a really good multi-vitamin product. If you look at the label, there isn't any magical ingredient that would cause the hair to grow super fast.  

I really think it takes longer than 30 days to really evaluate whether or not a vitamin (especially one that claims to boost hair growth) is working for you, but this product does seem to be a high quality product. The smell is not too bad and the pills are easy to swallow in my opinion.  During my evaluation of this product, I did not experience any bad side effects.  

I will continue to use these vitamins until my supply runs out in order to see if hair growth is noticeable.  As of right now, just normal growth has occurred.  This product is full of the good nutrients I need anyway, so I will continue to use this product until it's gone, if for anything, my daily multi-vitamin.

About the seller....
Even though this product was shipped from Amazon, my experience with the seller was quite unpleasant.  I left a 3 star review on Amazon for this product and the seller kept harassing me and using threats if I did not change it to 4 or 5 stars.  Because he gave the product to me at no cost, he seemed to believe that this 'bought' him a high rating.  I left an honest review of a product that did not live up to its claim.  On the Amazon rating system, 3 stars means the product was okay.  Not that I hated it or disliked it - it was just OKAY in MY opinion.  Because of his harassment and threats, I will not be purchasing anymore of his product.  There are far more superior products out there and much nicer and far more professional sellers too.  

Life's too short to deal with assholes.

You can find Will's General Hair Growth Vitamins (but why would you?) at Amazon