Friday, February 27, 2015

Apothecary Extract 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil Review

Apothecary Extract 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil

I am extremely impressed with this product from Apothecary Extracts.  It comes in a dark brown glass bottle which helps it stay fresh and has a euro dispenser.  The packaging and label are super vintage looking which I absolutely love.  The company even sends you a recipe guide which is quite helpful because Tea Tree Oil has so many uses.  I have used several well known brands of Tea Tree Oil and this product is quite comparable to them.  I like the fact that it comes in a 4oz. bottle as you won't run out as quickly.

Tea Tree Oil is best known as a very powerful immune stimulant and fights all three categories of infectious organisms - the three being, bacteria, fungi and viruses.  It is also helpful with colds, sinus infections and viral infections.  You can also use Tea Tree Oil to help combat acne and oily skin.  As an added bonus, it helps with skin lice and dandruff.  It is also useful in removing mold, just add several drops in a spray bottle full of water and spray on the moldy areas - the mold will disappear in no time flat. 

Tea Tree Oil is one basic essential oil everyone should in their 'Basic Care Kit' because of its versatility and many health benefits and with Apothecary Extracts 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil you can rest assure that you are getting a high quality product at a decent price.

You can find this amazing product at Amazon currently priced at $24.99 + FREE shipping!