Friday, September 18, 2015

Do you want to play with my balls?

Do You Want To Play With My Balls?

by Cifaldi Brothers, Santiago Elizalde (Illustrator)

He's got big balls, And she's got big balls, But we've got the biggest balls of them all!

Do you want to play with my balls?

I ran across this book recently and thought it was really cute - in a dirty mind sort of way!

But really, this book is strictly for adults.  It would be scandalous if it ended up at your child's schoolbag for show and tell day...just saying.

Enjoy my reading...

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

What are we getting ourselves into??

In 1998, my husband and I purchased our first home together.  Built in 1967, our humble home came with its issues and we have slowly but surely repaired and updated as finances permitted.  Three years ago we tackled our first major renovation – the kitchen.  This was indeed a learning experience and extremely exciting as our vision became a reality.  

Since our marriage survived and we did not kill each other during the process, we have decided to take on the master bath and master bedroom.  These two areas have really been challenging in regards on what exactly to do with the space because of the way the space is arranged.  I have always hated this area because it reminds me of an apartment and I have struggled on how to blend the two areas together but somehow make them separate at the same time.  After ‘interviewing’ several contractors and getting their ideas, we finally came up with a solution that will work not only for us, but for our budget as well.

The process of finding the right contractor was interesting to say the least.  The one company I really liked had some really good ideas but their quote was double what we wanted to spend.  Then we had one guy come in who was way under budget, but he smelled so bad, my house reeked several hours after he left.  Plus the fact that he renamed my husband “Buddy” was a major strike against him.  His ideas were insane and cut a lot of corners and although he was the lowest bid, I refused to let him touch my house.  The individual we finally decided on comes with awesome references and his bid was in the middle of all of the others, so now we start the process.  His name is Dan and not only do we like him, our dogs warmed up to him instantly.  Our furbabies have a good meter on judging the good from the bad, so their opinion weighs a lot when deciding who to trust in our home.

The remodel will be extensive as we are tearing out the tub and putting in a shower.  We are also knocking down one wall and putting up another.  Doing this will define the space, separating the bedroom from the bathroom.  We will also be removing the sheet rock from one entire wall that has this horrible painted wall paper on it.  The popcorn ceiling will be removed from both areas and everything repainted.

After compromising on several aspects and finally agreeing on colors, we will begin this journey early October.  I am really excited about the materials we have picked out and can’t wait to see it all come together.  I’m not going to lie though, I am also terrified.  One never knows what may be lurking behind the walls, so I really hope nothing major pops up once those walls come down.

I am going to share our experience here on this blog – the good, the bad, and everything in between.  We have to move out of our master bedroom completely, so my house will be in a complete mess for a while.  This is going to completely put me out of my comfort zone, so I anticipate several Xanax days in my future.  Oh, and to add to the misery, my husband and I will be sharing a bathroom for awhile, so mornings should get real interesting....and intense as we navigate our morning rituals together.

Our vanity arrived yesterday and I really do love it.  I love the shaker style as it is simplistic yet timeless.  We are trying to keep the colors and fixtures somewhat neutral for resell purposes.

We will be topping it with a quartz countertop.  We have not picked out the handles for the vanity yet, so that will be next on my list.
Here are the tile, countertop and paint samples we have chosen for the bathroom.

As I end this post, I really look forward to sharing my remodeling journey with anyone who wishes to join us.  So check back frequently to see what we have done.  The next post will feature some tear-down much fun!

Oh, and if someone from Bath Crashers just happens to stumble upon this blog – PLEASE SEND HELP!!