Friday, May 22, 2015

The Attack

True Story

So last night my house was attacked. Violently and without cause.  It was just standing there minding its own business.  I mean, it is just a house after all.  But it's attacker did not care.  The attacker was quick and brutal.  The suspect you ask?  A skunk.  But this was no ordinary skunk, heck no.  This skunk sprayed my poor innocent house as if the house was going to gobble it up or fall on it.  The smell....oh my gosh.....the smell permeated each small crack and made its way into the interior of the home covering it in a thick fog of the nastiness smell imaginable.  The fog worked its way into every room and every fiber of our being.  No amount of air fresheners or Scentsy burners could break through the horrific smell.  And this morning?  The smell was still there, clinging desperately and not letting go.  Poor house.  Even after a heavy rain the exterior still smells.....several hours later.  So I ask dear skunk, What did my house do to you and why did you feel the need to express yourself without probable cause?  Please do not come back dear skunk.  Even though you are cute,  you are not welcome here and if you spray my dogs, I will find you and you will pay.