Tuesday, October 6, 2015

It’s time to get the remodeling party started! Can I hear a big ol' “Hell, Yeah!!”?

Today was the day.  The day where we start on the path to a brand new master bathroom and revamped master bedroom.  I have been dreading this day somewhat because as you tear things down, you never know what is lurking behind the walls that can quickly break the budget.

No project is complete without the required ‘before’ pictures, so here they are:

I know….pretty sad, uh?

So now for the update…..

Well, I am happy to report that so far (keeping my fingers crossed) there was nothing majorly scary lurking quietly behind the walls so the budget is still on track.  For the most part, day one went fairly smoothly.  Besides the contractor busting a pipe and having to hastily go and shut off the main water valve (which I wonder why this wasn’t done before hand?), we also discovered some previous water damage with a small case of mold.  The mold is not a big deal as we are replacing the sheetrock anyway.  The studs are still sturdy, so this was a major win in my book.

So what was done today, you ask?  All the tile and sheetrock in the old tub/toilet area was removed along with the toilet.  The vanity and mirror are gone and door frame taken out in preparation for a new pocket door for the closet.  Oh, and a wall was taken down.  I consider this a pretty productive day.

On a side note, the contractor's helper apparently likes to go commando.  How do I know this?  Well his baggy pants which were not held on with a belt kept sliding down his ass.  Because of this, I saw way too much butt crack and butt cheeks today.  At least it wasn't hairy...that would have been just gross.

On the agenda tomorrow is the tub removal, scraping the popcorn off of the ceiling and removing the sheetrock off of the north wall of the bedroom.  Once we get past the sheetrock removal, I will be able to breathe a little easier.

Before I go, here are the pictures of today’s progress:

So I guess that is all I have for today.  Check back tomorrow for another update.