Thursday, October 8, 2015

Welcome to my episode of Hoarders: The Remodel Edition

You know that show that lets you view inside the life of an extreme hoarder?  The one with piles of trash everywhere and their home is in a state of disrepair?

Welcome to my episode of Hoarders:  The Remodel Edition.

Today, I really have no words because I walked into what has to be the most depressing part of this whole process.  Yes, I knew going into this that it was going to be messy, but geez….I did not expect this:

Anyway, today appeared to be devoted to getting the HVAC guy out so he could install another duct/vent up in the attic that will be in the ‘new’ room.  The framing for the closet pocket door was installed and the cement was poured to fill in the hole from yesterday’s drilling.  Also, old light fixtures and plugs were pulled. 

So basically, nothing pretty to report yet.

It was really hard not to be able to stay home – not only to be able to see firsthand what was going on, but I was really worried about our furbabies.  Of course they did fine and survived the ruckus without their momma, but they were on my mind all day.

And on a more grosser point (as if it couldn't get any worse), here is my new artwork for the guest bathroom.  Think they’ll get the hint?

That's all for today folks.  I'm just going to crawl into bed and dream of cleaner, prettier things!